Happiness – 12 Easy Tips And It Can Be Yours! Part 2

Hi and welcome back! Here is part 2 of my article on 12 easy tips you can implement into your life and gain a sense of happiness. Happiness in and of itself can mean different things to different people. The common denominator for all of us is that we are just people. We all have the same basic needs, wants and desires and chief among those is the search for true happiness. These 12 tips are just scratching the surface in reality. They are the basics. It would be impossible to list everything that makes people truly happy but you will find that by picking just a few of these tips and putting them into practice will have a dramatic effect upon your life. The key here is empowerment. With the right knowledge and the willingness to try…just a little….you will be amazed how your life can truly change.

Ok…without further adieu here are the other 6 tips for you to contemplate.

7. Assumption. This can be a real party killer. This is also one of the most easiest traps to fall into. We begin our journey into “assumption” by what we experience early in life. You know, the old principle of action and reaction right? To put it simply, every action we observe or take part in ourselves results in some type of reaction. This is true for everything in life. We begin to develop a sense of assumption by the results we have witnessed by various actions throughout our lives. Pretty soon we are all assuming the things that will occur due to the action we take. This is not all bad because this also helps in our development of our sense of judgment. The trouble with assumption is it can wrongly cause us to worry about things that have no factual evidence. What a time waster it is to worry about something you may have or have not done correctly without any evidence to support it. Or, even worse, to assume something about someone else that turns out to be incorrect. Try not to waste time assuming the worst. Breaking that habit will have a very positive effect upon your life.

8. The power of positive thinking. This is related to the assumption tip above. Do you believe in luck? Did you know that for the most part luck doesn’t just happen? It’s true. Positive thinking has been proven to actually create in your life what many people would describe as luck. There is nothing you cannot accomplish if you believe in yourself. Put all of your mind into believing you can accomplish what you set out do to and you will begin seeing just how “lucky” you really can become!

9. Don’t think in terms of absolutes. If you spend all your time thinking in terms such as “never”, “can’t”, “won’t”, “always”, etc. you begin to develop negativity. Many times you will not be able to see the forest for the trees because you develop tunnel vision on reality. Don’t get yourself into the fishbowl of absolutes. You will lose your creativity and your ability to accomplish the things in life that bring you happiness. If you can’t begin to vision yourself being happy because things just “can’t” happen that way…well…then…you “won’t” ever get there. It’s just that simple.

10. Try your had at…..should I say it?…..Volunteering. It almost sounded a little nerdy to me the first time I decided to give it a shot. I mean, don’t I have better things to do than volunteer??? What could giving possibly get me in return. I found out the truth of that one several years back on Christmas Eve. No, it wasn’t about family and friends getting together and exchanging gifts. I decided one Christmas Eve to volunteer at a local community center to serve free dinner to those less fortunate. Long story short, I discovered a type of happiness that just keeps on giving. The truth is that it feels good to do something for others and that feeling can stay with you for years to come. I challenge you to give it a try and prove me wrong.

11. Time management. Another nerdy concept for many but I can tell you that running around in a harried state of mind constantly is not a very happy thing to do. Prioritize things on a daily basis. Decide beforehand how your day will progress. Allow a little time for the unexpected. You will discover quickly that chaos on a daily basis is a true happiness robber if there ever was one. A little organization will add real peace of mind by the end of the day.

12. Diet. Now I am not going into a long expose on this one except to say that the old adage “garbage in=garbage out” is absolutely true. If you are not eating a half way balanced diet you are setting yourself up physical fatigue and many problems. To much sugar, carbohydrates, caffeine, alcohol….well……you get the picture. Being only half alert and having no energy is like living in the fog. Balance out your diet and remember, “everything in moderation” is really the key here. I could go into greater details here but suffice it to say that if you can eliminate overloading the sugar and cards your body will respond with a ton of energy. Try it and see. What have you got to lose? A couple of pounds and a ton of fatigue maybe?

I urge you to take this article seriously and try just a few of the 12 tips I have suggested. Practice these tips just a little bit and before long you will discover that they will become habits. The benefits you will achieve by those habits will have everyone coming to you asking for the “secret” to your happiness! I guarantee that when people see how happy you are they will want it too!

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