Creativity: Are You Letting Your Genie Out?

Creativity. What is creativity you asked? The creativity definition is, well…”the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.;” as taken straight from the dictionary.

It’s funny how many people I come across that think only a few privilege individuals possess a creative genius. That is far from the truth.

Just like exercising any of your muscle your creative ability is really not any different. If you don’t take any time to let your creative genie out of the bottle it will wither away like an unused muscle.

So just how do you get that creative genie out of the bottle anyway. To begin with you need to let your mind be a magnet. A magnet for knowledge. Take in everything you come in contact with everyday. Consider what you read, see on tv, observe on the way to work, in the store, at the shopping mall.

Creativity can only come about from having an imagination and if you don’t give your imagination anything to feed on then it is like that muscle we talked about earlier that gets no oxygen.

Start doing and exploring things you have never tried. Painting a picture or anything artistic. Work on designing your yard our the interior of your house. Start writing a journal and read it back each week deciding how you could have written it better.

You must force your way out of the fishbowl of life and start exploring a little bit. When doing that you will be surprised at what freedom a little creativity can give you.

Don’t be afraid to explore the “flaky” edge just a little. Do something extreme once in a while. Go sky diving or bungee jumping. Get on a dirt bike and ride like crazy. For some, just going on a trip across the state or even the country will open your eyes to new and exciting experiences that will give you something to build on.

The key here is building on what you are doing. Once you get the ball rolling, do not quit. Don’t let your creative instincts drive you beyond safety or reality but give yourself a chance to cut lose…just a little.

The things you will discover will not only let that creative genius inside you out for some fresh air but you will also discover talents and abilities you would have denied ever having.

Give it a try and you will discover your genie will give you more than just three wishes.

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